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The sacred art of pussy worship, is it even a thing? hell nah,  Yes it is my dear. And if you’re new to the idea of pussy worship then sit tight, because you’re about to learn a thing or two about what it really means to truly love a woman in her entirety. Pussy, Vagina, Vulva, Cunt, Kitty be honest it really doesn’t matter what we call it, what matters is that Men honor's and worship every woman’s pussy like a f*cking temple. A temple that demands deep reverence, love and full respect. The gift of the sacred art of pussy worship is that the woman who is receiving can do just that; surrender to the man (or woman) who is worshiping them and receive the gift of presence and pleasure that unfolds. And for the worshiper, it is a complete honor to worship the pussy that you have chosen, and not surprisingly the practice is often extremely erotic for both the worshiper, and the worshiped. Ready to begin? Here’s ten simple ways you can begin your own pussy worshiping practice to…


I know some ladies will find this pretty interesting, hahaha... The excuse of  "I'm supposed to see him today cos he promised me some money, but I'm on my period so I can't see him" It ends today! New tricks on how to get that money from that man even if you're on your period.

My opinion about period sex is, if a man can't have sex with me during the period, then he is not mine. cos darling, I get horny when I'm on period.
Because of how horny I get during the Menstrual period... I thought of 
Ways to have great sex during the period that won't involve a towel or heavy stain 
I notice after my daily wash, my period doesn't flow immediately it takes about 30mins before the flow. So I'm Lucky, I can have great sex during the period without a stain.

For some reason, loads of men and women think period sex is disgusting, gross, and irritating, while some call it Bad luck. The truth is, feeling nauseated about the period thing, is just reinforcing the idea that periods are disgusting and shameful, and I don't tolerate period shaming at all.

If you're a woman and you support period shaming,  Maybe your period doesn’t put you in the mood or Maybe you can’t relax because you’re too worried about messing your environment. Darling if you're open to period sex, Yes you can do it, there is no reason holding back. 
Some women get more horny than usual during their period, If the person is comfortable with it, then it's great to continue having sex throughout the month and not have to take a break because of Period, it's perfectly natural and safe for both partners.
If you're worried about stain we recommend you put a towel down on the bed or get busy in the shower. And don't be concerned if you see dark red or brown clumps during or after sex, that's just older blood and cells of your uterine lining, and it's perfectly normal.

1. It’s rarely as messy as you think. Unless you have extremely heavy periods, you’re very unlikely to end up in the pool of blood-stained sheets you’re imagining in your mind. The average amount of blood released during menstruation is between 30 and 40ml. That’s over the course of a few days. So imagine how little blood is actually being released per minute. Then consider how long your sex session is actually going to last. Hardly any blood, Seriously. So wash up before jumping right into it.

2. Of course, there is always - The good, The bad, and The slightly messy during period sex. if you do make a mess, you can always clean it up or Lay down an old blanket if it makes you less concerned about stains, and throw any bloody sheets in the wash immediately after the sex. You can also use a tampon to avoid the messy environment after wash Insert a tampon and enjoy the ride unnoticed. We strongly recommend you use Beppy Comfort Wet Tampons $30, The Honest Company Organic cotton tampons $6. They are so perfect for this.
Matter of fact, it’s just blood. Nothing bad will happen if it gets on a guy’s dick. It’s not a toxic substance that will change a man to PERIOD-MAN. It’s really not a big deal if it goes on a penis. He can just wipe it off. Any guy that kicks up a fuss about this needs to calm the f*ck down and get over their worries.  Afterall, women happily get men’s fluids inside them without a big fuss like, "He came inside you?" Then he’s clearly fine with bodily excretions getting shared. The fact that I hate the smell of men's fluids, There’s no reason for period blood to be any different. That thinking in 2018 is totally ridiculous, Trust!

3. We’re still having to explain that periods aren’t anything to be ashamed of. The good part is you won’t need lube, cos period blood is a natural lubricant. Your flow can serve as extra lubrication during sex, which can also increase pleasure. If you typically use a lubricant to help with dryness during sex, this may be your blessed week to get wet naturally, lol... 

4. Women shouldn't assume their partner will be grossed out by their period. In fact, it's often the person who is menstruating that puts a stop to sex, not her other half. Every couple is different, and some people will be more open to it than others. If you're curious what your partner might think, however, don't spring it on him or her in the heat of the moment, bring it up before things get hot and heavy. "Good communication can lead to great sex"

5. By having period sex, you’re taking down the stigma surrounding periods on women’s bodies in a small private way, sure! You can pat yourself on the back for doing something positive through sex. 

6. Having an orgasm can alleviate cramps Orgasms are natural pain-relievers. They are magical. They’re also a lot more fun than taking a paracetamol. 

7. Getting it on can actually shorten your period. All the contracting your uterus gets up to when you’re having an orgasm makes lining and blood come out faster, meaning that frequent sex sessions can reduce the length of your period by a day or two. 

8. We’re usually hornier around our periods, Why are we skipping something we really, really want because we’re scared of a little blood? Admit it, you’re horny as f*ck when your period hits. Give in to what you want. Treat yourself right. 

9. It’ll make you feel sexier at a time when you’re bloated and be feeling like crap Eating nachos and getting teary at a video of a puppy doesn’t exactly make you feel like a sexy, empowered goddess of high self-esteem. One way to ramp things up and remind yourself just how sexy you actually are? Having sex. Smart.

10. If you’re really squeamish, there are loads of ways to keep the risk of blood getting everywhere minimal He can wear a condom, if you’re terrified of the idea of a blood-covered penis. You can lay a blanket on the bed. You can use a flexible tampon, designed especially for period sex (NEVER, EVER a regular tampon. Always remove this pre-sex, please). There are options. I strongly recommend you buy Beppy Comfort Wet Tampons it's $30. But to save cost, you can buy a cheap one from The Honest Company Organic cotton tampons just 6$. I'm always not worried about prices cos both are great, but if you are more concerned about price get your preference, I love both. I attached the direct link, Just click the names & buy or click the images below.

11. Almost everyone’s doing, ignore some pretenders. Trust me, loads of people are doing it and enjoying it. If it’s not right for you, we’d never say you have to have sex on your period. That’s your choice. But if shame and embarrassment is the only thing holding you back, take this as your permission to go forth and get sensual everyone is doing it, it’s okay, and there’s really nothing to be ashamed of, or be against Period Sex.

Thanks. For those, interested in buying any of those the Flexible tampons, Just click on any of the product names or images for a direct link to buy on Amazon. Hey! buy them, they're too cheap for a great pleasure. Subscribe and leave a comment.