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"It's no longer a coincident, 2 of my boyfriends propose to me on the same day & I met 2 of them on the same day, at same popular bar in Ikeja, 3years ago. What??? I'm scared." Lady called for help.

Dear Grety,
I'm  Happy to write you.
There is a situation that needs urgent attention.
In 2015, I met 2 guys named Demola and Stanley on the same day at one popular bar in Ikeja, but on a different time and approach. Like you giving couple of guys your number since I wasn't ready for marriage. I think I'm allowed to date couple of niggas till I'm ready to choose whosoever is best for me as husband, am I right? smiles...A lot of ladies do this too so I bet you understand what I mean here dearie.
To cut the long story short. I played my game neatly around these dudes, but I still don't know how I ended up falling in love with both of them, equally I mean.
It was all fun to me and my friends from the start. Although, my friends kept saying it feels so strange loving 2 different guys I met on the same day and same bar, they advised I choose ONE before they both find out in future and I end up loosing both of them. I tried, but trust me Grety, that was a hard one, I can't afford to let go of anyone of them or see anyone leave me for another woman. The thought alone is extremely hurting, no jokes! Many times I always think of "why can't women marry 2 men so I can marry both cos choosing one over the other is not what I'd love to do. It's been 3years now and I'm already attached to these guys, they're like my family now even though they still don't know about each other.
All seems normal to me until last week Friday when Demola and Stanley proposed on the same day again, and I said yes to both.. Whattttt! Now this is where my fear begins, scary as fu* doesn't look normal anymore or could it be coincidental again? I'm really scared, please I need an urgent advise. This can't be real!


Let me tell you how this proposal magic happened. Don't know if it's necessary though cos my story is getting too long, I guess you're tired already.

So I went to Stanley's house on Thursday evening, few hours after Demola dropped me at a friends apartment, I was at Demola's house all through Wednesday night. My initial plan was to go collect some money Stanley promised me for a project I was running. So I decided to pass the night there since I arrived to his house late due to traffic..the following morning Stanley woke me up with a breakfast in bed. After smiling and feeling so special, to my surprise he popped the question "Will you marry me" with a beautiful ring, I was in shock and offcos I couldn't resist so I said YES YES YES.
I rushed to my phone downstairs of his Duplex to share the news with my friends on phone hahaha. Kept my phone down there incase of unwanted calls like Demola's. On checking my phone I got 7 missed calls from Demola, 6 missed calls & a weird message from one of my friends, We live together though.
"Come back Home now, there is a Serious problem at home" I tried calling her back immediately to know what the problem was but her phone was switch off. I told Stanley I needed to leave & explained why, he wanted to go with me but I told him not to worry & left all by myself.

I got home, no one at home, I called Demola immediately Just to cover my tracks as usual, he was a bit angry but issue was resolved, Also I told him i needed to speak to him about something really important (Was thinking of breaking the news to him that day but in the most loving way) He said 9pm so we both agreed. 
I spoke to Stanley immediately after I hanged up, had to let him know all was okay.
I tried reaching out to my friend again, this time her phone rang, she was already on her way home and she couldn't explain what happened but she promised to tell me when she's home.
It was fine by me, so I had my bath and later slept off cos I was too tired, but guess what she didn't come home. Around 5pm she called asking me to dress up and come meet her at a restaurant. This girl tricked me and I fell for it! To my surprise it was another popped question, "Will you marry me" but this time from Demola. My other friends were also there, I couldn't embarrass Demola like that in front of them and moreover I love him too much to break his heart that way. This was when I remembered that I have not mentioned Stanley proposal to any of my friends. So I called my closest friend and we moved stylishly to a corner. I told her "Stanley proposed earlier today and I said Yes to him too. that I was about telling her before I saw the weird text message" so it escaped my mind. She was like whatttt? we went back inside in pretense.
After the merriment, I went back home with my friend, that wasn't what Demola wanted, but I lied my way back to my own apartment. He even asked me what I wanted to say to him earlier, my dear I was dumbfounded I couldn't tell him, How can I break his heart on this special day?
When we arrived home I called 3 of my trusted friends and told them to come over the next day.

We all talked and talked for several hours. After so many arguments and advice from them I still insisted I wanted to marry the both of them. My friends called me crazy thinking I was joking and they laughed over it. We came to a conclusion that I needed to lie to them that i'm travelling for vacation with the girl for 2 weeks. Which i told them and they're both okay with it. I'm in a 5 star hotel in lagos with friends at the moment.


You're probably asking yourself, How did she manage to be in 3 years relationship with them without being caught!, I also don't know how i did it myself.

Please Grety advise me. My fear is how I met them.

* Is meeting them same day, same bar and proposing same day not spiritual to you?

* Do you think I have been tricked by these men all through the years?

*Is there a way i can marry both without being caught, even with a low key wedding?

*How can I handle this situation without hurting anyone?

Thanks for taking your time to read this.

Grerivian Blog <>
9:34 PM


Hello bel.
We acknowledge the receipt of your email.
We appreciate your trust on this situation.
About your Questions we will revert back with best advise from our Grerivian babies.




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  1. Aunty. I think you should just chose you quietly. Bring both of them at thesame spot you met them n tell them the truth. No fear. It shall be well

  2. lol...If you want to know if these guys are playing you. First, you need to choose one! About marrying both, Aunty you know that is not impossible. pick one and lets have peace.

  3. ahhhh! 3 years without being caught. BADDO


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