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The sacred art of pussy worship, is it even a thing? hell nah,  Yes it is my dear. And if you’re new to the idea of pussy worship then sit tight, because you’re about to learn a thing or two about what it really means to truly love a woman in her entirety. Pussy, Vagina, Vulva, Cunt, Kitty be honest it really doesn’t matter what we call it, what matters is that Men honor's and worship every woman’s pussy like a f*cking temple. A temple that demands deep reverence, love and full respect. The gift of the sacred art of pussy worship is that the woman who is receiving can do just that; surrender to the man (or woman) who is worshiping them and receive the gift of presence and pleasure that unfolds. And for the worshiper, it is a complete honor to worship the pussy that you have chosen, and not surprisingly the practice is often extremely erotic for both the worshiper, and the worshiped. Ready to begin? Here’s ten simple ways you can begin your own pussy worshiping practice to…

"I dumped my broke ex, who recently bought a Royce rolls and a mansion. HELP ME" An anonymous Lady cried out to Grety Riverson

Hi Grety,
First, let me appreciate your beauty. You're too pretty my dear and sincerely I love you so much.
I'm a bit shy so please kindly keep my email anonymous pleaseeee, I trust u'll do that so let me go straight to the point.
Few days ago I saw on your snap about your blog and you asked your followers to send in their stories or news. Please Grety I need an urgent answer on this, it's actually my story so if you can post it on you page I would also appreciate it and please keep me anonymous.

Recently I bumped into my ex, But let me explain so you can understand your gal before I hit the main spot, The truth is I dumped him because he was broke and that was last year february 2017 , We dated for 4 years no shi shi my dear, I suffered too much for this guy throughout those years no be small. So, last year I gave up on him because me too want to enjoy since them no born me come this world to come suffer and this was due to friend's advise and excess pressure, you won't blame a sister naw...I only wanted a better life for myself. Buh recently, you know as story dey fly naw I heard he bought a Royce rolls and a mad house, in fact a mansion this January 2018, My head do gbommm! my head scatter. and e dey hungry me die I won't lie but I just have to hold myself because no means of communicating with him except on Instagram and I don't want to slide into his DM becos he might not reply me and if he ignores it will hurt me more, so I rather not try. 
Yesterday I got lucky, I bumped into him at Hard Rock cafe. Yasss We exchanged contact and ever since that time he have been texting and calling, telling me how much he misses me and all. I was really shocked when he said all that. My Dear, I'm deeply worried and scared because I'm thinking this nigga might have bad plans for me or Is it Guilty conscience that is clouding my thoughts? Lmao He wanted us to meet on Sunday but I had to move the date to next week Friday because me too want dey give am package so he won't think i'm freaked about his money. You know naw...well, you can call me Crazy...hahahaha 
Again I know if he sees me He must want to have sex and then humiliate bcos the niceness was way too much, he even sent me N300,000 this morning for groceries just like that, i'm extremely scared ooo and that is why I'm here.
Please Grety I need a strong JUJU to use on my P on that day, so even if he has bad intention towards me and we end up having sex, I want him to be stuck with me for life. My dear after all my suffering another girl can not just come and enjoy all these big things o. Please kindly post on your blog, I know on snap chat you wont be able to re-post people's comments because I know you are a very busy lady but on blog I can easily check their comments without disturbing you. Please someone should help a sister, I will be on your Grerivian blog to see comments, I just need a name, an address or a number of a very strong herbalist who can help me reset this guy's brain back to loving me alone forever. This is a serious issue and please don't condemn me just help me, Help a sister, I beg you


  1. Modupe, We also they find JUJU, if you find let us know. Stupid girl

  2. Smh 4u you suffered with him when the time is not right for him to get rich , The only true sufferness is the girl who held in tight to him when you left even while he was heartbroken, You dumping him is the key to his success ! I don’t ever pray your juju will work because person wey don rich sef no dey sleep else you want to use yourself as additional to the money ! Your juju no fit work . Go and sleep and pray to God he loves you but trust me he would keep a distance from you because he can’t ever forgive you for dumping him and you thinks he’s a fool now giving you attention . Wait till you’re on 5some with his friends !! You got served what you derserved !!! The same way you have friends who have you stupid advice is the same way he has friends also and you know what ? In this kinda stuff his friends are the only reason if you ever come back to his life ! He been through hell while you left jumping from one to another , You think Rome was built in a day ! You will never be happy if money is what makes you happy and never be contented with whatever you have ! Prayer is your key and stop forming boss lady go apologies and confess to him if he still likes you . you can be forgiven and taken back with a good heart .. juju go fail too one day and he will get back to his senses and whatever you get during your juju time is only an iceberg to whatever he would achieve . So you lost !


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