HOW TO TREAT YOUR ACNE. Grerivian Skincare TIPS - The face is so delicate and must be pampered, but most times we are lazy, nonchalant and carefree.

The face is so delicate and must be pampered, but most times we are lazy, nonchalant and carefree so we don't take note of the do's & don'ts yet we still want a Pretty, smooth, Fresh & sparkling face.
Acne is a skin issue that can affect anyone at any age. Although not considered dangerous, acne is still unwanted. There are many products available at the store, but these can be harsh and affect your skin in other ways. Some people find that using herbal remedies is a gentler method for treating their acne. we recommend Grerivian Velvety Facial repair.


Scrubbing your face can make acne worse or even cause white patches, avoid scrubbing face as it is too delicate.

1. Wash your face with MULTIVITAMIN BATHING SOAP twice a day or after sweating. 
2. Rinse immediately with lukewarm water.
3. Use your fingertips to apply Grerivian velvety facial repair on the face
3. Be gentle with your skin.
4. Do not stress face, Let your skin heal naturally.
5. Keep your hands off your face.

ADVISE: Over-washing may cause excess oil production and lead to breakouts, especially on the face, neck, chest and back. Remove makeup with a gentle cleanser and follow with a toner to remove any dirt, oil, makeup or cleanser that was left behind, and then moisturize. Exfoliate only as needed to slough off dead skin cells, improve circulation, increase collagen production and support smoother skin—once or twice a week is typically enough for your face and up to three times per week for your body. Clean your makeup brushes once a week (ideally) using unscented soap to avoid breakouts. 


1. Try a green tea. Drinking green may help to reduce acne. Green tea may also help reduce the amount of oil that your skin produces, fight bacteria, heal affected areas, and reduce stress related hormones in your body. Try using green tea in some of the following ways to help fight acne
Drinking up to six cups of green tea every day can help reduce acne. Drink decaf green tea if you are sensitive to caffeine. You can brew green tea, allow it to cool, and then apply it to your face using a cotton ball.
Lotions with 2% green tea extract have been studied and shown to be useful in treating acne.

2.  Mix honey, cinnamon and nutmeg. Using a topical mixture of honey, cinnamon and nutmeg has been found effective in treating acne. This mixture is applied to the face, either as a mask or only to affected areas. These three ingredients all work to reduce inflammation, prevent infection, and heal the skin. Use the following recipe to make your own mixture at home
You need one teaspoon of ground cinnamon, one teaspoon of ground nutmeg, and one teaspoon of honey.
Mix them together in a paste.
Apply this mixture to either the entire face or affected areas.
Wear this for no more than one half hour.

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