Easy Skincare Tips For When You Are Sick

Sickness can also affect the effectiveness of a skincare product. everyone is can getting sick including yourself. Generally, one of the first things to go while we are stuck, sick in bed is the skincare regimen.

Here are a simple tips to nurse your skin as you nurse your health:

1. Humidify at Night

Not only does the heat in our homes dry out our skin, but so do the medicine we take for our cold/flu. Using a humidifier at night keeps moisture in the bedroom air, which will maintain the hydration levels in the skin.

2. Apply a cold gel and/or mask to your skin

Again, it is important to keep your skin hydrated.  Applying a cold gel and/or mask hydrates the skin, as well as alleviates headaches and an achy face. 

3. Moisturize your nose at all times

Every time you use a tissue, your nose becomes red, dry, and irritated. So dab a little cream on your nose after each blow.  We recommend Grerivian caramella glowing essence it's a good moisturizer

4. Hydrate your lips 

Just as your face and nose become dry with illness, so to do your lips. Apply a lip ointment with vitamins A & E.  You can try out Grerivian smoky-pink-lips

5. Use the healing power of mint

Products with natural mint oils open up the nasal passages, soothe and refresh the skin.

6. Drink plenty of water

While this is not the most efficient way to hydrate the skin, it will flush away toxins in the body and maintain the body's internal temperature. A clean body equals a more healthy complexion.