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BREAKING: I Will Not Do That, Just Forget About My 2019 Presidential Ambition – President Buhari Tells APC Campaign Organisation

Nigerian President (President Muhammadu Buhari) has reportedly called on the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Campaign Organisation to forget about his 2019 Presidential ambition.

Buhari’s outbursts came on the heels of some notable All Progressives Congress, APC, chieftains who have been mounting pressure on him to use monies from the National Treasury for his 2019 re-election bid.
A highly placed source who spoke to Post-Nigeria Correspondent in confidence quoted Buhari as saying that he would not accept to use monies from the Federal Government’s account for his 2019 campaign.
The source went further to say that Buhari categorically told the Party Chieftains to forget about his 2019 Presidential ambition because he is not ready to use monies from the National Treasury for 2019 campaign.
“I can tell you authoritatively what is going on in Aso Rock concerning Buhari’s 2019 campaign. There is so much confusion as to how to fund Mr. President’s campaign. Just recently, he was approached with some huge sums of money, running into hundreds of millions of dollars of Federal Government funds, but he rejected it.
”He told them that he is not going to use Nigeria’s money to campaign for his election in 2019 and that if they cannot get money from any other source, they should forget about his 2019 Presidency.
“I tell you the truth, the man does not really care to contest; it is these people that are forcing him to run, and they would do anything and everything possible to bring him back in 2019”, he said.
He added: “As I speak to you now, they are currently sourcing for other independent means to get money to fund Buhari’s campaign.”